About The Feeder

Made from fully recyclable APET or Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate to give it its full almost unpronounceable name! The important thing is that this is a more environmentally friendly plastic than regular PVC as it is non-toxic and contains no heavy metals.

The Feeder & Insert

Made from Jute, a natural fibre that is biodegradable and stainless steel T-bars, which are recyclable.

The Handle

Made from FSC mixed credit Carton Board which is fully recyclable. The board is sourced from accredited, managed, sustainable forests and the inks are sealed with environmentally friendly water-based coatings.

The Sleeve

Made from low-density polythene or LDPE which is widely recycled but always check first. If your local council will not accept it, recycle in the house by storing seeds for the garden or for keeping dad’s loose screws safe!

The Seed Disk Pouches

The Big Idea

Every new product begins its life as an idea that normally pops into the head of its creator when they least expect it.

Sometimes the idea is so simple and so obvious that you wonder why no one else has thought of it! Well this is precisely what happened to me back in March 2011.

Out of a life long passion for bird watching and a general love of nature and care for the environment, it occurred to me that bird feeders at that particular moment in time presented two key issues…

Firstly: hygiene. We are only too aware of how important it is to keep feeders clean but how many of us can actually say we do it regularly enough, if at all? It’s a pretty yucky job that’s for sure! Poor hygiene allows the build-up of harmful bacteria that, at worst, will kill birds.

Secondly: environmental impact. Most feeders on the market are made from non-recyclable plastics, wood and metal or combinations thereof and will end up in landfill sites, which really isn’t nature friendly and certainly not environmentally friendly.

So what if there was a feeder made from fully recyclable materials that had a relatively low impact on the environment and had a limited use so that there was no need to clean it?

Cue drumroll for the birth of Nuts About Birds and the recyclable bird feeder…

About Us

‘Not Just A Feeder’

As the idea for the bird feeder itself took shape, it also felt like an opportunity to try and get all you youngsters interested too for, let’s face it, you are the future protectors of our birds and wildlife.

I have three youngsters myself; all as passionate about looking after our wildlife as me, so I had plenty of motivation in the early stages of creating Nuts About Birds to get my message across in the right way.

Let’s take small steps together to make a really big difference!